Mums in need

Pregnancy, labour and new parenthood can be an amazing time, but is also a huge transition to make. Sometimes things can get tough and you may need additional support. You may also want to process your experience – the joy and the sorrow – that can come with doing something so momentous.

I have a range of experience in working with mums and babies.  In particular, I have experience in working with women with postnatal depression, anxiety, psychosis and obsessive compulsive type behaviours.

You may need support with common issues like difficulties adjusting to parenthood, difficulty settling baby, or postpartum health issues, or relationship changes.

Birth trauma and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) type symptoms and associated distress can come after a difficult or disempowering labour. I can help you work through this to get to a better place.

This website is wonderful (Kate Hicks). I had a small role in its early stages. I have also worked in maternal mental health acute and respite (community) services.

I also support Mothers Helpers:

Babies are welcome to attend appointments if you cannot find care, or are single/solo. Please feel free to talk to me more about this.